‘City Blue' is a portraiture documentary set in Bristol, UK. The film follows people who are living on the streets, people who rely on help from the public for a source of income, and those who have previously struggled with homelessness. It is an international privilege to live with access to shelter, food, and water. Therefore, it is easy to become oblivious to the poverty that surrounds us. The film was made to humanise those who are living rough and show a brief moment of their reality.

Film available on Arcca Magazine.

The theme of portraiture was intergral to reflecticting human emotion through the analogue medium of 16mm film.  Encouraging the contributors to acknowlede the camera was a priority in underlining the theme of audience awareness of those living in these conditions. Manipulation within commercial documentaries construsts the editing process, this film aimed to challenge this concept by ‘shooting to edit’ - meaning that the the processed scans had miminal editing.